CHC Search & Rescue Hangar Phase 2

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Project Title: New Search & Rescue Hangar Phase 2
Client: CHC Ireland Search & Rescue
Location: Gate 7, Dublin Airport
Design Team: Malachy Walsh & Partners, Virtus Project Management

Phase II of this project involves the position landside/demarcated area boundary fence in final location. The construction of a new double bay helicopter hanger including 12no individual rooms for workshops and stores. Dismantling of existing tensile membrane hangar structure with a floor area of 596m². Installation of specialised electrical mega door system including swing up mullion of approx 260 meters. A new apron of 2500m² and a new taxilane of 500m² connecting aprons. The commission of internal landside/demarcated security value complete with biometric security reader and CCTV cameras linked to DAA network.


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